Help on Sundays

Sunday's worship information

During the school year we have three worship services each Sunday. Summer schedules vary.

Church School classes begin at 9:30 am.

See this Sunday's details.

Help visitors and new members

Serve refreshments, help visitors at Welcome Center. Email Stephanie Olson, solson(at)

Help visitors find locations around campus (greeter guides). Email Stephanie Olson, solson(at)

Help with new member luncheons. Email Stephanie Olson, solson(at)

Help with our Parking Assistance Ministry on Sunday mornings. Contact Debby Foster.


Assist in worship services

Join or lead a team of ushers.

Read Scripture in worship.

Re-stock our Welcome Notebooks monthly.

Contact Anne Albert.


Work with children on Sundays

  • Help care for children in the nursery;

  • lead Worship Enrichment (for children during worship services);

  • teach children's Church School classes;

  • teach youth Church School classes;

  • provide snacks for youth Church School classes.

Email Yolanda Baxter, ybaxter(at)